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Vedic Blends

Wellness Bundle

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Time relevant gifting options consisting of healthy and delicious herbal blends, made using organic herbs. Packaged in an elegant, minimum waste, eco-friendly box.

Turmeric Almond Latte (200g) - A unique powerhouse of antioxidants, omega-3, nutrients and micronutrients, made delicious with the perfect proportions of ingredients. This seriously nutty Turmeric Latte is packed with nuts and seeds, it provides wholesome nutrition, for young and old alike.

Project Immunity (200g) - Vedic Blends’ wonder formula makes you strong from within. It has a well balanced earthy taste and is a perfect anytime tonic for the mind, body and soul. This enjoyable drink is power packed with micro- nutrients & antioxidants.

Beetroot Cardio Blend (200g) - This savory blend of dehydrated superfoods is easy to use, has a lip smacking flavor and is a rich source of bioavailable Iron & Manganese. This one of a kind adaptogenic blend is a perfect companion for an active lifestyle.

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I live away from my folks and this made for a perfect care package for them. These guys made it special by adding a note. I will definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to gift something 'hatke' this year.