The humble Ayurvedic go-to comfort drink.

It brings us great joy to share with you our products made for a healthier lifestyle. Great care and a lot of research has gone into making these products and before you try us, we want to share our story with you.

How did we start? 
Project Immunity started with our efforts to keep our immediate family safe during the pandemic. Vedic Blends started with the extended family requesting for products aimed at modern day problems - Immunity, Metabolism, Stress Management and more.​

Modern lifestyles leave little time for us to create traditional plant-based solutions. The solutions are made to be easy to use, easy to adopt, delicious &  fun, and above all - effective. 

Why this form?
All products are delivered in forms that enable best absorption of the complete benefit of the nutraceuticals, fibre, micro-minerals and vitamins. Bio-availability - the process of making nutrients available for absorption to the body, is the key.

Why Projects?
Ayurveda & plant-based wellness is a process. It is also dependent on self (age, seasons, quality of nutrition - among other things). Plant-based healing & wellness is not a replacement for modern medication, however, herbs, barks, flowers, roots and other adaptogens can help heal and prevent many lifestyle issues naturally, without any side effects.​

Create the best products using nature's best adaptogens & superfoods.
Empowerment by employment.

If you identify any room for improvement, please email us at and we will personally look into it.​

We look forward to being a part of your journey to a healthier you!
Plant based nutrition is the new tradition.