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We are a homegrown brand born to create honest products and deliver good nutrition.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - we believe in the power of many. 

​We take inspiration from nature & ancient wisdom and make our blends in traditional ways. ​ 

Brand Story


Mountains signify firmness, strength and eternity. The peak of a mountain is reflective of a state of perseverance - challenging and inspiring us to do better, day after day.


A river is the symbol of the great flow of nutrients & life. Mighty, yet humble; torrential, yet calm; river brings positivity, continuity and a sense of grounding.


Forests store elixirs for human life. Vedic Blends seeks to uncover their mystery and gather their various elements in the form of herbs, roots and fruits to fuel our bodies in the most natural ways.


The almighty sun is symbolic of the creator & the origin of life. It is omnipresent, and the ultimate source of nourishment,  energy and well-being.
Vedic Blends captures the confluence of natural elements, and believes that the whole is greater than the sum of parts. We encourages you to re-connect yourself with nature and experience a healthy and peaceful state of consciousness.
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