Our Take On Immunity

Our Take On Immunity

Immunity is made up of a majestic system of cells and proteins that are predominantly regulated by our organs. To have a sound immune system, all our organs need to be functioning well and in unison. 

A strong immune response is finely balanced. It should recognize and fight diseases, infections or invasion by unwanted virus and bacteria. At the same time it should have the ability to recognize and spare what belongs to self and not be 'overactive.'

Immunity is subjective. It depends on genetics, age, environmental factors and bodily functions. Realistically, the only thing we can do to 'boost' immunity is to take care of our bodily function. And the way to do it is through nutrition, habits and exercise.

All ingredients of Project Immunity are time-tested & true and come together to keep our insides fighting fit. It works with our bodies to help regulate digestion, metabolism, respiratory system, brain function and develops a robust immune system.

Please remember, prevention is still the better cure.


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